The Diary of The Prophet


The Diary of Messengership is one of the major projects undertaken by the Path of the Prophet Foundation. Through this project, we aim to generate a day by day narration of the Prophet’s life after the first revelation. We will do this by scholarly reviewing the information scattered in a wide range of seerah literature.

How many days of the life of the Prophet is being covered in seerah literature as we come to know? A rough calculation would show only 50 days out of 23 years of his messengership, which in total makes more than 8,000 days. 40% of these 50 days are filled with suffering that result from persecution and acts of violence; another 40% are about the expeditions and battles that Muslims had to engage to defend their fundamental rights and values; and the remaining 20% cover the trips of worship and visits of the delegations. A total of 7,950 days from the life of the Prophet are as if missing from the seerah literature, and these were the days in which Islam was reconstructing the individual, family, society, and our civilization.

This seerah literature, which is far from reflecting the whole picture of the Prophet’s life, is the main source of reference for most of the works on Islam and its Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Many of these productions, books or movies, therefore, portray a story in which violence and warfare dominate.

As is the case with the commentary on some verses of the Qur’an, placing warfare in the epicenter of the Seerah literature has a potential to generate a perception of history in which as if engagement with others has always been troubled. However, a comprehensive reading of the life of our noble Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) shows how he has lived with others in peace, how he has conquered people’s hearts, how he has overcome different crises and problems, and how he has established the ideal man, family and society. It is not possible to obtain these information only from the Seerah books. The criteria that form the foundations of Islamic civilization are found not only in Seerah books, but also, and perhaps even more, in other disciplines.

For Muslims, it is imperative to be well informed about how to introduce Islam to those who are hearing about it for the first time. The content and duration of such an education or training should also well regulated, for interactions with other communities have become even more complicated given the present socio-political circumstances. The history of the revelation of the Qur’an and how progressively our noble Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) put the revelation into action, are more crucial to analyze now than ever before. This methodology can only be laid out when studied from all disciplines, not from Seerah sources only.

We cannot create the knowledge that does not exist. Yet, it is our responsibility to unearth the existent knowledge, and we have all the opportunities to do this.



The Project aims to do the following:

  1. To review thousands of books written in the first five centuries after the Hijra on the fields such as the Tafsir, the Hadith, the Fiqh, history, the Tabaqat, the Ansab, and geography, and to outline all the details concerning his life (peace and blessings of be upon him) in relation to events, actors, places, narratives, and time.
  2. To find the missing parts of these information by cross references, revealing the circumstances in which the Prophet uttered a specific statement.
  3. To find out when and how a specific theme or an individual came into the Prophet’s attention, how long was he engaged with the theme or the individual, and to clarify the gradual process for the sake of the solution,
  4. To illustrate the 23-year revelation process of the Qur’an with all relevant details so as to benefit for the present times.
  5. To reveal the strategies the noble Prophet took in solving the problems he faced during his career, how he managed to conquer the hearts of his people, and how he educated them to excel in character.
  6. To discover how the Prophet tackled with other deep-rooted problems that plagued the family, the larger society, and different identities.
  7. To discover how the divine message was conveyed to people and what methodologies were used while doing so.
  8. To contribute to a culture of peaceful coexistence based on how this was made possible during the time of the Prophet.
  9. To bring about a diary of the life of the Prophet by revealing all the known events with their backdrop and what happened next.
  10. To build a comprehensive database about every available detail of the life of the Prophet to see convergences for every possible situation we experience today.
  11. The information we will discover will be published on websites in different languages by specifying the sources and in a way that the general reader can understand. In this way, we hope to introduce our noble Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), who is known by both his beloved ones and objectors in a wrong or inadequate manner, properly and in a holistic way.
  12. The Companions of the Prophet were each a star in his or her own way as they were taught directly by the Prophet and had the opportunity to experience firsthand the Qur’anic message as it was being revealed. With this project, we hope to present them as role models to people of all ages and statuses, as comprehensively as they deserve.
  13. The major objective of the Project is to present the life of our noble Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as comprehensively and accurately as possible to address the most inquired questions.
  14. Finally, it is aimed to produce a collection of books which will serve as a source of reference for future print and visual productions.