Salawat (Special Blessings) for the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

“Verily Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. Oh you who believe, send blessings upon him and greetings of peace.” (Ahzab 33:56)
O Allah! Bless our master Muhammad and the family of our master Muhammad with a blessing whereby You save us from all terror and disasters, fulfill for us all our needs, cleanse us of all our misdeeds, raise us to the highest ranks in Your presence, and whereby You might cause us to attain our highest aspirations in all that is good, in this life and after death. Amin, O Answerer of prayers! And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

1.  O Allah, bless our master Muhammad and his family with each succession of day and night, with each return of the late afternoon, with each repetition of night and day, and at each rising of the two bright stars of Ursa Minor!

2.   Send greetings and peace to his soul and the souls of his household on our behalf!

3.   And send mercy, grace and peace upon him and them, in abundance up to the Day of the Gathering and Settlement! And forgive us and have mercy on us, and treat us with kindness, O our Lord, with every blessing [You send]! O Allah bless our master Muhammad, ocean of Your lights, substance of Your secrets, spring of your providence, sun of Your guidance, the most distinguished one among those nearest to God, and the foremost in Your presence! And the best of Your creation, the most beloved creature to You, Your servant, Your beloved, Your Messenger, the unlettered prophet whom You made the seal of the prophets and the messengers. And bless all the prophets and the messengers, their families and companions, the angels you made nearest to You, and Your righteous servants among the company of the heavens and earth! May the good pleasure of Allah, Most High, be upon us and upon all of them! Amin. And all praise is due to Allah.

"1. O Allah! Bless the essence of Muhammad, subtle and unique, the sun of the firmament of secrets, the medium for the manifestation of lights, the axis of majesty, and the pole of the celestial sphere of beauty!

2. O Allah! For the sake of his secret with You, and his journey to You, calm my fears, reduce my mistakes, and remove my grief and my greed! Be [there] for me, take me unto You, away from my self, and grant me the state of extinction (fana)!8 of my self. Let me not be tempted by my self, or veiled by my senses, and reveal to me every unspoken secret, O All-Living, Self-Subsistent [Lord]! (Ya Hayy, Ya Qayyum) O All-Living, Self-Subsistent [Lord]! O All-Living, Self-Subsistent [Lord]! (3)

3. O Allah! Bless him through whom secrets were disclosed, lights burst forth, and in whom realities arose (and find their real values). To whom the knowledge of Adam descended, showing the inadequacy of creatures. Before him intellects are confounded, and not one of us can reach [his level], neither those who preceded us nor those who will come after. The gardens of the celestial kingdom are made fair by the flowers of his beauty, and the pools of His world of Names and Attributes (jabarut, or the intermediary world) effuse with the overflowing of his lights. Nothing is there that is not conditioned by him and if it was not for the intermediary that which is mediated for would perish.9 [Bless him] with a blessing which truly befits You, from You to him as is meet for him."

"O Allah! Verily he is the most comprehensive secret, leading to You, and he is the greatest aide-de-camp, standing before You.
1. O Allah! Join me to his lineage, and make me worthy of his high esteem! Grant me an acquaintance with him through which I will be saved from the sources of ignorance, and drink from the streams of [Your] bounty. Carry me along his path to Your presence, bearing me with Your all-encompassing support! Hurl me against falsehood so that I stamp it out, plunge me into the seas of oneness, and put me into the very ocean of Divine Unity, such that I do not see, or hear, or find, or sense except through [that Unity]!

2. O Allah! Make the greatest aide-de-camp (Muhammad) the life of my soul, his spirit the secret of my reality, his reality that which assembles my being, with the realization of the First Truth. O [You Who are] the First, Last, Manifest, and Hidden! Listen to my cry, as You listened to the cry of Zechariah, peace be upon him! Grant me aid in the way (leading to Your good pleasure), support me in Your way with Your power, make me close to you and come between me and all other than You! Allah, Allah, Allah!"

"1. “Verily He who enjoined upon You the Qur’an will bring you back to the place of return.” (Qasas 28:85)

“Our Lord grant us mercy from You, and put our affairs in order with rectitude.” (Kehf 18:10)

Grant me relief from my plight and a way out.

“Verily Allah and His angels bless the Prophet. O you who believe send blessings on him and greetings of peace!” (Ahzab 33:56)10
May the blessings of Allah, His peace, His greetings, His mercy, and His grace, be upon our master Muhammad, Your servant, Your prophet, Your beloved, Your Messenger, the unlettered prophet, and upon his family and his companions with peace, commensurate with the number of the even and the odd (all creatures in pairs and individually), and the number of perfect and blessed words of Allah.
2. O Allah, send a perfect blessing and complete peace upon our master Muhammad by whom all problems are solved, tribulations are lifted, needs are fulfilled, wishes and good ends attained, and for whose noble countenance the clouds pour down rain; and [send perfect blessings and peace] upon his family and companions with each glance [of the eye] and breath and to the number of all things known to You."